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I’m starting a new Play-by-Post game (Labyrinth Lord with the Advanced Edition Companion [AEC]) shortly, and decided to create a Druid as I haven’t played one in quite some time. While going through the list of first-level spells (AEC p. 83), I remembered why – there is nothing there that is really useful underground, except perhaps shillelagh. So that is a problem with most campiagns spending at least some of their time in the dungeon. Nature certainly exists underground, and I imagine that Druids can draw their power from the earth, and should not be limited in their usefulness to just above-ground campaigns. They should also have some level of control over the classical four elements – earth, air, fire and water. With these points in mind, here are some ideas for new spells and abilities for Druids.

New Class abilities

  • Tracking – Druids can follow the track of any being connected to the earth, with success based on the age of the track.
  • Detect illusion – Druids can see the true nature of any being or item with concentration, as long as the illusion is created by someone/something no more than one HD higher than the Druid’s level.
  • Enhance/dim light – The Druid can make brighter or dimmer natural sources of light, phosphorescent cave lichens, for example.

New spells

  • L1 Sticks to Arrows – The Druid would need to carry a supply of sticks at least the length and circumference of an arrow, and once equipped can ‘shoot’ the sticks as if they were shot from a bow. For the duration of each shot, the spell mutates the stick into a straight and sharp arrow until just after it strikes its target. The sticks do the same damage and have the same range as a short bow. The Druid can shoot two such arrows per level, with a spell duration of four turns. So at first level, they could shoot one stick and wait a bit to shoot the second. The sticks/arrows get +1 to-hit at first level, then an additional +1 to-hit for every two caster levels thereafter.
  • L1 Hurl Stone – This allows the Druid to have a sling, without needing the actual weapon. It is more accurate than a sling but with the same range. The stones have +1 to-hit at first level, then an additional +1 to-hit for every two caster levels thereafter. The duration is four turns.
  • L1 Obscure –  This allow the Druid to camouflage small animals or items and have them blend into the background so they are not visible without a save vs. magic. The area of effect and quality of the obscurment would get better with caster level.
  • L1 Control Water – Causes flowing water to increase or decrease in flow strength – the area of effect and duration would increase with the caster level. Perhaps a small, trickling stream could be turned into a flowing brook at first level, while a river could be turned into dangerous rapids at higher levels (think Arwen in the movie The Lord of the Rings).
  • L2 Imbue Magic  – causes any weapon to be considered ‘magical’ for purposes of hitting a being that can only be damaged by magical weapons, but it does not increase the to-hit or damage capability of the weapon that is so imbued. The virtual bonus is +1 at second level, then increased by +1 for every three caster levels, so +2 at 5th level, +3 at 8th level, and +4 at 11th level (the maximum ‘bonus’).
  • L2 Create Whirlwind –  Allows the Druid to create mini-tornadoes, whose strength and size increase with caster level.
  • L3 L4 Fireball – Same as 3rd level M-U spell
  • L3 L4 Lightning Bolt – Same as 3rd level M-U spell
  • L6 L7 Earthquake – Same as 7th level cleric spell
  • L6 L7 Wind Walk – Same as 7th level cleric spell