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It was sort of an early Christmas for me, with some more goodies to add to my RPG collectiion. I was disappointed that the original Brave Halfling X-plorers box set was sold out, but after a bit of digging I was able to get a mint condition set at Noble Knight Games, for just $25 (it appears they still have some left):

x-plorers_boxIt’s numbered 174 of 200, the size of the original print run.

x-plorers_box_numberI also just received issue #4 of AFS Magazine. I don’t have any previous issues, although I intend to get them if possible. This is a magazine in the tradition of the old, hand-made ‘zines of the 80’s, in fact it’s only available in print. This issue contains two adventures written for AS&SH, including a novel adventure written for a group of zero-level thieves, and lots of other goodies for your OSR campaign. It’s definitely worth a look.