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Vision Moss is a purplish-green, puffy moss that can be found in large patches underground, typically where moisture collects. It is quite sensitive, and will release airborne spores from its spore pods with the slightest touch. PCs brushing it, either intentionally or  inadvertently will cause a 10′ radius cloud to be released, all within the cloud must save vs. breath weapon or be affected within 1d4 rounds. The main effect of the spore is that it is a powerful hallucinogen, causing those affected to act with paranoid delusions. Elves are immune to the effects of the spores.

vision_mossFor example, they may see attacks against them where there are none (even from other PCs), or believe they are being chased by a cave troll, etc. They will attack, defend or run away as appropriate. The duration of the hallucinations is variable per person, but is generally 2d4 rounds. Afterwards, affected PCs will be dizzy and weak, and fight with -2 to all to-hit rolls  for the next 1/2-hour. Here are a few ideas, roll a d6 for the effect or add your own:

  1. Drop whatever they are holding and run screaming in a random direction
  2. Attack the nearest PC or monster
  3. Cower in the fetal position
  4. Attempt to get away from the party surreptitiously
  5. Attempt to steal treasure or belongings from another party member
  6. Believe other party members want their treasure or belongings, draw their weapon and make threats (roll again next round)