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The Voorhin are a race of aliens thought to have a homeworld in the reaches, they have been encountered rarely in the outer limits of Earth’s solar system by prospectors who tell frightening tales of the encounter (those that have survived). They are slow-moving, yet resilient and very intelligent, and thus far have only been encountered alone. They appear as silvery, shimmering vaguely humanoid forms about 3m tall, with blurred features. It is said they trade in anything that produces energy, and will attempt to take what they want, attacking only those that interfere with their collection efforts. Such items can include energy clips for weapons, portable fusion generators, or even class I spaceship drive cores.

AC: 15
HD: 3
THB: +3
ATT: Energy blast (see below), mind blast 2d6
ST: 12+
MV: 3
SPC: Energy absorption, psionics (presence=16)
XP: 90

Voorhin feed on energy and will absorb energy or sonic weapon strikes, appearing a bit brighter each time they do so. They can even redirect such strikes back at their opponents, but this is limited to the total HD in energy they have absorbed (such energy strikes do 1d6 damage minimum). They are harmed normally by projectile weapons and primitive weapons such as knives and clubs, however.

They possess telepathy at level 5 (roll 11+ to succeed), and can, among the other telepathic abilities, project a mind blast that will cause 2d6 damage or knock the target unconscious for 1d6x10 minutes unless they make a saving throw  (with INT bonus – roll for effect: 1-3 unconsciousness, 4-6 damage). Consider their presence to be 16 when determining their psionic energy potential. Tales from Voorhin encounters relate that unconscious victims awoke  unharmed but bereft of anything that could store or produce energy (including energy weapon clips).

The Voorhin have only been seen in class I or II spaceships, it is not known if they jump to a nearby mother ship or if they travel the reaches alone.