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Tree strikers are semi-intelligent, carnivorous monkey-like creatures. They have short black fur, long, clawed arms, a prehensile tail, small heads and a small mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. They inhabit dense forests and hunt in packs, and prefer to hide in low-hanging tree branches and drop on unsuspecting victims while hanging from their tail.

They are only about three feet tall when standing upright, but have long arms that reach to the ground and a tail that is at least as long as they are tall. This gives them quite a reach when hanging from trees – even a branch 12 feet or so in the air would allow the tree striker a solid hit with his claws on a passing human-sized creature. From a greater height, the creature will drop onto a victim’s back and spring away after the surprise attack, eventually making it back to the trees and allowing their hunting companions to also attack. They will return for more attacks if they sense a weak or frightened victim or victims. They surprise 1-3/1d6, except against Rangers or Wardens, who both have their normal chance of being surprised in the wilderness.

AC: 7 [12]
HD: 1+1
ATK: 1d6 claws/1d3 bite
SP: Surprise attack from above
MV: 12/24 ground/tree
HDE/XP: 2/30
SAV: 16
ALN: Chaos
ENC: 2-12
ML: 9
BHB: +1

Key: AC – armor class descending[ascending] HD – Hit dice ATK – Attack(s) SP – Special abilities MV – Movement rate HDE/XP – Hit dice equivalent/experience SAV – Saving throw ALN – Alignment ENC – Number encountered ML – Morale BHB – Base hit bonus for ascending AC combat