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I recently made some updates to my Warden Class for Labyrinth Lord (original version here). The main change was to add more detailed animal companion rules. On the Goblinoid Games forums, Pete Spahn pointed me to an article on animal companions in issue #1 of his excellent zine, Brave the Labyrinth, so I incorporated some of what I found there, along with tips from Dyson Logos and Ron Redmond (of & Magazine fame). I also adjusted the HD progression a bit. Here is the new section on animal companions:

Beginning at 2nd level, Wardens can seek out and train one animal companion who will travel with them and obey them unconditionally. Such a companion is limited to 2+2 HD initially, and thereafter gains one HD every time the animal’s master gains a level, to a max of 6HD. Typical companions include dogs, wolves, or wild cats such as the lynx or bobcat. The warden can use their companion’s heightened senses to their advantage and can train them to perform certain skills. Choose 1d3 skills initially and add one per level from the following list:

  1. Come – Return even over great distances to a special call
  2. Stay – Stay in place and defend if attacked, but do not challenge
  3. Fetch – Fetch a specific object on command, or a random one if not specified
  4. Blend – Stay motionless and hidden in shadows or natural camouflage 1-5/d6
  5. Escape – Escape bonds or fences and return to his master
  6. Fight – Attack on command. A morale check may be required for supernatural creatures
  7. Guard – Stay in place and prevent others from approaching, attacking if necessary
  8. Track – Track by scent, sound or sight
  9. Rescue – Pull his master from danger if possible, or lead others to his rescue
  10. Jump – The animal can jump longer and/or higher than normal on command


Warden v2 for Labyrinth Lord