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The latest issue of & Magazine (issue #8) is available for free download and is over 90 pages of AD&D goodness. (I reviewed issue #7 here). This issue’s main topic is ‘Urban Adventures’ and although I have not read all of it yet, what I have read is easily on-par with the quality of previous releases. I highly recommend you  grab it and the previous issues, even if you don’t play AD&D/OSRIC, it is full of ideas and inspiration for players and DMs of any edition.

And Mag Issue #8

Here is the table of contents:

Map 1: Justice Hall and Prison Tower, by Fingolwyn
Featured Artist
& Musings, by Bryan Fazekas
D&D: The Next Generation, by Dan Rasaiah
Life Swarms with Innocent Monsters, by Michael Corronet
The Business of Adventuring, by Nicole Massey
The Druid in Dungeons and Towns, by Lenard Lakofka
Sleight of Hand with Dice and Cards, by Ian Slater
The Great Eastern Woods: A Campaign Setting, by John Fredericks
Make a Mini Castle on the Cheap, by John Fredericks
The Dancer PC Class, by Nicole Massey
Creature Feature I: Ecology Of the Slange-Yaotl, by Dan Rasaiah
Creature Feature II: Ecology of the Spore Spitter, by Bryan Fazekas
Friend or Foe I: Mattias’ Company, by Vince Lethal
Friend or Foe II: Nikolias Morghul, by Milo
Friend or Foe III: Sin-ShumuTizqar, Derro Savant, by Dan Rasaiah
The Toybox: New Weapons V – Whips and Arrow, by Nicole Massey
Spellcaster’s Paradise I: Frost Giant Shamans, by Andrew Hamilton
Spellcaster’s Paradise II: Cleric/Druid Spells, by Lenard Lakofka
Spellcaster’s Paradise III: Fonreaver’s Falcon, by Ian Slater
Tactical Magic: Fireball!, by Ian Slater
Emporia & Domiciles: Brandywine House, by Nicole Massey
One Page Dungeon: Dungeon of Doom, by Michael Woodhead
Hex Crawls, by Andrew Hamilton
For Further Reading, by Ron Redmond
& Magazine on the Net
Tread Softly, by Nicole Massey
Map 2: Temple, Tomb, and Tower, by Fingolwyn