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While perusing the Goblinoid Games forums the other day,  I noted mention of a supplement for the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion (AEC),  Theorems & Thaumaturgy by Gavin Norman.  It’s open content and free in PDF format on the author’s Lulu page, so I downloaded it and gave it a look.

Theorems and ThaumaturgyIt is essentially a magic supplement for AEC (although there are some notes on core Labyrinth Lord compatibility). It details three new magic-using classes (Elementalist, Vivimancer, and Necromancer), a variant Elf race (the Fey Elf) and class (the Sorcerer), expanded Illusionist spells (to 9th level), some handy tables, new magic items and monsters,  and an index of spells. It’s about 60 pages pf content, so there is a lot of meat here.

I particularly liked the Vivimancer, which is an alternate Druid-type class that does not worship nature but merely harnesses its power. The author explains that he does not use Druids in his campaign, and I think this would be a fun alternative. The added spells of the Vivimancer (some new, but also taken from the M-U and Druid spell lists) make for a more useful all-around class, one not just limited to wilderness campaigns.

Another nice addition to this supplement is the section on Tomes. These are pre-generated spellbooks, each recommended for a certain magic-using class, with new spells all based around a common theme. For example, there is The Chronomancer’s Workbook, a tome containing new spells of various levels, all based on time.

Also very useful is the alphabetical index of spells, which contains all spells in the AEC, in addition to the new spells in this supplement.  My only complaint with Theorems & Thaumaturgy is that the PDF is not indexed, but I can’t complain too much as it is free. There is much more, and all-told this is a very nice addition to any labyrinth lord”s toolbox. At the very least, the labyrinth lord will find the large collection of new spells useful in their own right, even if the new classes are not a fit for their campaign. Theorems & Thaumaturgy is available in print form at Lulu in addiiton to the free PDF.