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Just a quick note that I’ve updated my list of Old School RPG Character Generators, removing stale links and adding a new Labyrinth Lord generator from Wizardawn, as well as AS&SH and BFRPG pregen-style generators.

Speaking of Wizardawn, if you haven’t checked out his site, please do. It’s a hugely cool old-school RPG resource with all sorts of random setting and adventure generators, for tons of different games (including some of his own making). I used it recently to prepare for a Mutant Future game on short notice, using his Mutant Settlement generator (I’ll have a recap of those MF sessions soon).

Finally, I forgot to mention when it came out, but the latest issue of & Magazine (#9) ‘Spells and Spellcasters’ came out in May, along with the first level of a megadungeon ‘Castle Triskelion’. All free, of course (I reviewed issue #7 in January).