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Got some more loot in the mail today, the BFRPG Adventure Anthology 1 (this is only $3.75 at Amazon!) and the French translation of S&W Whitebox. I can read French passably, and this edition has all new art and a few extras, like a translation/adaptation of Matt Finch’s  “A Quick Primer for Old-School Gaming” (Petit Guide du Jeu de Rôles à l’Ancienne), new encounter tables, and optional Dwarf and Halfling race-as-classes to go along with the Elf-as-class that is in the English version.

French Whitebox and BFRPG Adventure Anthology 1

Here is some of the new art in the French version, this is from the author’s blog, as the art is only in the printed copy. The no-art PDF is available for free download.