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LIke most adult gamers, I’ve noticed how difficult it is to get people together on a regular basis for face-to-face gaming, via hangouts or otherwise. Some people just can’t get the few hours in a dedicated block of time every week (or however often you meet). I would guess the most commonly used alternative in those circumstances is Play-by-Post (PbP), but of course this can be glacially slow at times. It’s also an all-or-nothing proposition – you either run a game in one medium, or another.

So I’ve been thinking recently of a hybrid approach to gaming. Google hangouts/roll20 for those nights when you can all get together, with PbP used for the intervening days or weeks. The DM would be responsible for updating the PbP board with an update after each hangouts session – once done, play could resume via PbP at a slower pace.  I’m interested to hear if anyone has tried this approach and how it worked.

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