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Second Session: “A Dead Druid is a Good Druid” – 4/4/15

Another short but fun session showed just how dangerous even low-level spell casters can be.


  • Eth-Tue (level 1 Elf FM/M-U)
  • Garros (Level 1 Dwarf FM)
  • Aella (Level 1 Cleric)


  • Brosemez (killed by the touch of an evil Druid)
  • Zort the Archer (killed by a Druid’s dagger)
  • Chorme – Survived!
  • Aelzef the Porter – Survived!

The second foray into the caves saw more exploration of what the party surmised were chambers populated by evil Druids. Natural tunnels and caves gave way to finished stone corridors and rooms, some lit by braziers, with walls adorned by tapestries depicting ritual sacrifice. A storage room held some black robes, black-handled daggers and six silver chalices, which the party stashed before continuing on, deciding to explore a darkened area of tunnels to their east.

Ritual Dagger

An open pit in the first darkened room they came to emanated a foul smell of carrion and death, approaching it Garros was surprised by a large serpent who slithered out of the pit, intent to feed on its next meal. It was no match for the party, however; the battle was short and thankfully no one was wounded. Garros soon realized bodies of the black night and their three mercenaries were in the pit, dumped there amongst the rot.

They recovered what they could, and continued on, soon encountering three black-robed acolytes. One Druid was killed by Zort’s and Eth-Tue’s arrows, while the remaining two Druids made the most of their dark magic (darkness and cause wounds) and ritual daggers to end the life of Brosemez and Zort.  The Druids then fled and were later cornered, fresh out of magic and now no match for the angry party. Dejected at losing more hired help, the party gathered the bodies of their companions and returned to Ravendale.