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Fourth session: “By the Skin of Their Teeth” – 4/22/15

This was a short session, but marked the first in which there were no party casualties.


  • Eth-Tue (level 1 Elf FM/M-U)
  • Garros (Level 1 Dwarf FM)
  • Aella (Level 1 Cleric)


Farfuleg the Bold – A fighting-man rescued from the dungeons who agreed to stay on and help
Plumb the Rogue – A Hobbit rescued from the dungeons who is in search of a wish-granting statue


  • Sporzer, Tredron, Vak – Mercenaries who survived!
  • Aelzef the porter
  • Blart the wagon driver

The group delved deeper into evil Druid territory, (wisely?) avoiding a room with a layer of purple mist obscuring the floor.  Continuing on, they entered through a set of double doors into a large hall which held six Druid initiates.  The party charged having gained surprise – but was quickly flanked by a large and apparently angry black bear, who ran in from an unseen corridor.  In the ensuing battle, Garros, Plumb and Vak were badly wounded, but survived in the end. When the bear finally fell, the party watched as he turned into robed human form. Was he the head of the evil Druid sect? The party, grateful to all be alive, decided not to tempt fate. They plundered what they could from the Druids – particularly intrigued by a black opal necklace worn by head Druid, and returned to town.