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Session #6 – “Playing in Filth” – 5/3/15


Garros the Dwarf Fighter (level 2)
M’Segobaor the Elf MU/FM
Gar Eblo the Fighter


Farfuleg the Bold – A fighting-man rescued from the dungeons who agreed to stay on and help
Plumb the Rogue – A Hobbit rescued from the dungeons who is in search of a wish-granting statue


Tredron – RIP, run through by a bandit’s sword
Alray – RIP, torn asunder by a filth-licker
Philmul – Mercenary who survived!
Aelzef the porter, Blart the wagon driver

The party continued cautious exploration via the northern-most cave entrance. First encountered were three filth-lickers living in a cesspool, their barbed tongues killing the mercenary Alray before they themselves were dispatched. Two other cavern exits were found – one up a long staircase (protected by a lightning trap which Garros narrowly avoided), and one a cave open to a swamp area. A pool in a cave near the swamp exit harbored a giant crab, and a group of bandits were tracked to their hideout deeper in the caves. The ensuing battle with the bandits cost Tredron his life, while one bandit fell in retribution. M’Segabaor the Elf slept the other four and they were captured and later returned to Ravendale. On the way out of the caves, a pair of wandering cyclorcs was encountered – one fell immediately in a hail of missile fire, the other decided he would run rather than face the large, well-armed group.
Back in Ravendale, the party’s reputation continues to grow, and reports of night-time abductions have all but ceased. With their newly-found wealth, they have purchased a small house on a plot owned by the Temple.