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One of my gripes with the Pacesetter games like Cryptworld is that character generation is way too fiddly, requiring mental math at each step. Isn’t that what computers are for? With this, you get six stat blocks, with all the calculations done for you – pick one, copy down tCryptworldhe stats on the character sheet, pick skills and paranormal talents (PTs) based on the starting numbers, and you’re done. Here is the link – just reload it as many times as you like:

Cryptworld Statblock Generator

You could use this for Majus and Timemaster too, but the rules are slightly different. Majus allows the player to choose two or three starting magical adits, and get one or two starting PTs depending on that choice (so ignore the last column for Majus statblocks). Timemaster’s table for penetration bonuses is slightly different from the others, as are the PT acquisition rules. All that said, the core stats are identical, so you could use it for any of the games with little effort (and at some point I’ll update it so it can be used for all of them directly).