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Session #11 – “Yes, I do Believe Those Stone Soldiers are Attacking us…” – 6/28/15

After resting a week in Ravendale, the party returned to the caves via the western swamp entrance. See below for the synopsis.


Garros the Dwarf Fighter (level 3)
M’Segobaor the Elf FM/MU (level 3/1)


Farfuleg the Bold (level 3 FM)


Stavros – Survived!
Freya – Survived!
Corsus – Survived!
Elineel – RIP – Elf who was killed stepping through an illusory floor into a pit
Tal – The porter – Survived!
Aelzef – This poor lad disappeared while walking through a glowing archway, he is still missing

Monsters vanquished:

Mysterious fleeing thief, killed from above by a piercer
1 wight
4 stone warriors


12 rubies – 100GP value each
A wand of fireballs with one charge
Magical Brazier of Fog
Lawful sword “Hegemon’s Vengeance”, +1/+2 vs. Undead or Enchanted creatures


Passing through the jail cell room, they encountered a lone wight, but luckily the energy-draining creature could not land a blow on the heavily-armored fighters – doubly-lucky in that the only weapon that could harm the creature was Garros’ magical handaxe. Garros was up to the task, however, and the party moved on after he slew the creature.

The party wanted to investigate the Kobold lair they had cleared in a prior foray, and they set out for it, but had trouble when a noisy, stuck door alerted a few wandering scoundrels. The trio the size of the party, however, and ran north with Garros in pursuit and the rest of the party close behind. The bandits passed through a cave that Garros’ had noted on his map as being infested with vines. The vines turned out to not be a threat, however – the real threat was above, from a score of piercers. One of the fleeing bandits was killed when a piercer crushed his skull. His companions disappeared, apparently more interested in escape. Garros dragged the body of the bandit back into an open tunnel, and found he had secreted a dozen rubies on his person. Where they came from was a mystery.

The brave band of explorers left the bandit and headed south and west, through an as-yet-unexplored tunnel that lead to a dead-end alcove. Garros’ Dwarven instincts saved him as he stepped into the alcove and realized something amiss with the floor – a pressure plate would have triggered a pit trap had he advanced. He attached a rope to himself and had Farfuleg and M’Segabaor anchor him. He then triggered the trap, spiked the door and descended the 15 feet to the bottom of the pit. There, a skeleton lay half against the wall, rusted chainmail and dented helm askew. A finely made sword was evident next to the skeleton, but when Garros grabbed its hilt, he felt a jolt of power and was thrown back, stunned. The sword seemed to agree better with the lawfully-aligned Elf M’Segabaor, however, so he stashed it with he intent of having the Wizard’s Guild identify once he got back to Ravendale.

The group continued on and finally reached the Kobold room, now dark and reeking of death, the bodies of the Kobolds and rotmouths evident where the party had slain them. They found nothing else of interest, so the proceeded south, into uncharted territory (surprisingly, no one wanted to examine the two stone chairs facing large statues of archers).

The tunnel south led to a well-lit room with several doors and alcoves. They saw an unlit fireplace on the north wall, a bearskin rug on the floor, two large double doors to the south, and no less than four other doorways and two archways. Opening a western door at random, the party was surprised when four stone warriors attacked from one of the alcoves. Melee ensued, with the party victorious and no one injured. Turning their attention back to the western door, they saw it opened into a small, empty room. Garros, M’Segbaor and Elineel moved in to check the room thoroughly for secret doors. None were discovered, however Elineel fell through a section of illusory floor in the southwest corner of the room, falling into a dank pit, breaking his neck. His death was not in vain, however, he had landed on an iron-bound chest, which the party wasted no time in opening. Inside the trapped and locked chest, they found a black brazier with chains attached, and a wand. With Elineel’s death the party decided they had had enough – they stowed the loot, grabbed Elineel’s body and proceeded back to Ravendale.