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Session #12 – “Damned Wandering Monsters!” – 7/5/15

One of the neat concepts from OD&D is that all magic swords are special, and that all of them have an alignment. Touching a sword of a differing alignment is a risky proposition. This was used by the party’s Elf to good effect, to ferret out an anti-cleric who was posing as a lawful one. I ruled that when the anti-cleric was asked to touch the sword, he became nervous, forcing his hand. See below for the synopsis.



Garros the Dwarf Fighter (level 3)
M’Segobaor the Elf MU/FM (level 3/1) (RIP killed by a giant centipede bite)


Farfuleg the Bold (level 3 FM)


Stavros – Survived!
Freya – Survived!
Corsus – Survived!
Tal – The porter – Survived!
Aelzef – This poor lad disappeared while walking through a glowing archway, he is still missing

Monsters vanquished:

Undead snake
Dronak the Evil Cleric of Lerix
Giant spider


Finely crafted ivory pipe with owls engraved on the sides of the bowl


Our brave band of delvers returned to the caves after a few days rest, entering via the grove entrance’s northern door, which they had unbarred in a previous session. All was dark. Garros advanced down the easterly corridor, passing the disturbing tapestry room and running headlong into the giant serpent he had killed just a few weeks ago! It, too had been raised and was a foul undead creature. It was no match for the party, however, as they made short work of it and this time cut its head off.

Continuing south into the open, pillared chamber that they had been to before, they spied a torch-wielding man in chain armor, a war hammer affixed to his belt. M wasted no time in firing an arrow at him, nicking his arm. He raised his hands in surrender and asked why Dronak, a good priest of Lerix, had been attacked in such a fashion. The party was cautious and asked him to prove his faith by grabbing onto the hilt of Hegemon’s Vengeance, the lawful sword M was wielding. He assented, but said he had to pray to Lerix for guidance first, and raised his arms, even as he began to chant. Garros and M rushed in to attack, but were too late as Dronak’s hand brushed against M, causing him to wince. It would be Dronak’s last prayer to Lerix, however, as he was cut down by the combined efforts of the group.

Finding nothing of value on the evil priest, the party moved west, into as-yet unexplored territory. The first cave they came to was empty save for a rusty battle axe on the floor. Entering to examine it, Garros was surprised by a giant spider that dropped from the high ceiling above , landing next to him. The group rushed in to help, and soon the spider was slain. The party burned away the webs on the cavern ceiling, exposing the body of a desiccated Dwarf. He had naught but a pouch on his belt that contained an ivory pipe, with owls engraved on both sides of the bowl. There was also a small packet of pipe weed. Garros took the pipe, discarding the tobacco, and the party continued south, eventually coming to a dead end. M’s Elven senses detected a secret door, which Garros opened.

Inside the large chamber, Garros saw a disturbing sight. A black, obsidian altar was against the west wall. Black vines covered the altar steps, and two twisted, black oak trees rose 20 feet on either side of altar, their roots entwined with the vines. On top of the altar was a depression the size of a humanoid, a long dagger resting on the altar’s edge. Garros cautiously entered the chamber, while M looked on. After but a minute, Garros heard a cry and saw M drop his bow and run back north! The party frantically regrouped and headed north to search for M, who had been clearly possessed by fear. Luckily he was found after a short search, cowering in the dark, in one of the evil Druid chambers. He seemed to have recovered now, so Garros returned his bow to him, wary nonetheless.

The party continued exploring south, finding another room that had probably once been Druid quarters. M and Garros searched the room thoroughly, only disturbing a giant centipede nest behind a chest. The small creatures were fast, biting both Garros and M before they could react. Garros’ Dwarven constitution served him well, however, as he shrugged off the affects of the bite. M was not so lucky, however, succumbing to the bite, dead. The party fled, with Garros carrying M’s body. They returned to Ravendale, heavy of heart. Could the High Priestess of the Holy Temple of the Mother help bring back their friend?