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I’ve written a new character generator, this one just for the 1974 OD&D three ‘little brown books’ that started it all (3LBBs). It will create a random first-level character for you, complete with hit points, armor, equipment, armor class, XP and ability bonuses, saving throws and spells. Just reload the page to get the class/race combination you want. As with the Labyrinth Lord OEC character generator and the S&W Whitebox character generator, the output is text-only (right-click and save-as to save a text file of a given character).  I find these simple generators useful for when a PC dies and you need a new one fast, but they could also be used for NPC generation and play-by-post characters.

OD&D 3LBB Character Generator
Elves are handled differently in this incarnation of D&D. They do not start as a dual-class fighting-man/magic user, but instead start as one or the other and only become dual-classed when they switch during a subsequent adventure (that actually makes the generator easier).

Let me know if you see any problems or have a suggestion. Thanks again to Untimately for the equipment lists and Zenopus Archives for the Holmesian random names.