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Session #16 – “In Which M’ the Elf has Fun with Goblins at a Barbecue” – 10/4/15


Garros the Dwarf Fighter (Level 4)
M’Segobaor the Elf FM/MU (Level 4/1)


Farfuleg the Bold (Level 3 FM)


Stavros – Survived!
Freya – RIP – Killed by a troll!
Corsus – Survived!
Tal – The porter – Survived!

Monsters vanquished:

34 Goblins
One Ogre
One Troll




When we last left out brave adventurers, they were investigating a giant mushroom-filled cavern with mud covering the floor up to 10 inches in depth, at least as far as Garros had tried to test it. A bit of cautious exploring led to the discovery of a half-dozen cave inhabitants, short, stocky, grayish beings [Note: Skinkmen] who were happy to talk after the party shared some rations. They warned of a few trapdoor spiders far down the eastern exit tunnel, and the party took their leave, trudging east through the muck until it grew shallow and the party was back to dry cavern floor. Garros attempted to scout ahead, keeping a wary eye for spiders, and heard many boot-falls coming his way, he guessed at least 20 from the noise in the ever-widening eastern tunnel. Trying to stay concealed, he waited a minute and spied a large contingskinkmenent of sword-wielding Goblins, marching in ranks of three abreast. He quickly informed the others, and they devised a plan of sneak attack. Waiting until the last possible minute, M’ leapt out from behind a cave wall, discharging his wand of fireballs at the Goblin horde. A fireball filled the long tunnel, and the wand disintegrated [it had but one charge remaining], but the fire had worked better than intended. When the smoke cleared, only nine Goblins remained standing. Garros and M’ rushed in before the Goblins could get away. One fell to Garros’ glowing handaxe, eight others were slept by M’s sleep scroll. M’ and Garros stood back and surveyed the scene – the wide tunnel was filled with fallen Goblins, 34 of them! Garros killed seven of the eight sleeping Goblins, then attempted to question one, but to no avail – it spat at him and spoke of its master being angry and that he would seek revenge. Garros put the poor creature out of its misery, and the party continued exploring.



This time, they returned to the large room that had been a Kobold lair, now dark and empty save for the two stone chairs and statues of archers facing one another. Garros moved up a small staircase to investigate a locked door that they had not examined last time they were here, but he never got a chance to open it before a large Troll and Ogre walked into the room from the southern exit. M’s Elvish hearing warned him of their coming just in the nick of time, and he cast sleep from another scroll [we’re using the Holmes scroll creation rules], sleeping the Ogre but unfortunately also affecting Garros [sleep in S&W WB affects 1d6 creatures of 3 to 4+1 HD], still on the stairs, behind the Ogre. The Troll was not affected by such pedestrian magic, and moved in fast, gutting Freya with his powerful claws. The party was in dire straights! They could not run and leave Garros, so M’ fell back and opted for another spell, even as the others continued to fight. This time he cast light on the Troll’s head, blinding it. The Troll raged, clearly trying to use its sense of smell but not landing any blows. The party landed a few hits,  but the Troll’s wounds seemed to close in front of their eyes! M’ ran around the melee and woke Garros, and the two attacked from the rear as the rest of the party redoubled their efforts. Finally the Troll was slain, and quickly doused in oil and set alight. Merely happy to have survived, the party gathered Freya’s body and returned to Ravendale.