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Here is another of my ‘Adventures in Text’ – the first was a S&W White Box adventure called The Lair of the White Wyrm. This one is an outdoor encounter/setting that can probably be handled by a group of  2nd level PCs. I wrote it with OD&D / 0e and clones in mind, but of course it is easily translated to other systems, mainly creature hit dice and damage will get bumped up to 1-8, rather than 1-6. If the referee decides to use the given hook, the NPC is my Warden class for OD&D.

Below is the complete encounter. As before, the map was done in GNU Emacs’ artist-mode. If the below preformatted text is mangled, here is the original text document.

                      The Grendel Camp

This is a small, setting-based outdoor encounter for a group of
2nd-level PCs (or so). It can be dropped into any wilderness setting
as a planned encounter, or a random one, or you can use the hook
detailed below. It uses 0e stats, but of course could be used by for
any old-school D&D or clone thereof.

                      ..+..+m -+ - .-. -..m...  [H]
          [G]        . -+--+%.+++-m--#++--+mm-.rubble      [G]    . .
    . .         .....-++#######*##*m%m*+**##. .    .......        ..
   . .+.    .....     .-mmm+--m++-%+-.+.++%*m.+.....     ...    .. +.+-
    -+-. ....         .-     -  m .-m- -.-*  ..            ..   ..%%--.
  +.+#m...             . +.. -  -.   ...+  .-      lean-to[B].. --.#*..
  ..*#%                           Wo                -+++-     .  ..#* .
  ..m#%+                             Wo              |||       .  ##m..
  .+m##..  lean-to [A]                               |||      ....*#mm-.
  --m##+-   -\-\                     -----          -+++--     .  -##--+.
  +*##-.    \ Gr\                   ( well)                    ...-m#-m
  -*#.%-     \ \ \Gr                 -----           Gr         .--.#%+%
 . ##--      +--\-\                    [E]                       .***#..
 --#+#-.                                                          .-#m-..
 - m.- ..                         Gr                   lean-to[C].-+#+.
 . .    .                                             -------    .+.*+++
        ..   .                    \ | /--              ////      + %#*
      [G]- .-.+---.         Gr  ----+--   Gr         ////-        .+..
        ..  -#.m. +.               /+- \           ////-         .--. .
        ..-+#-m+m-*m#-            / | \          -------        ...  .
        ..m-##*#*###.++    Wo                                ...
         .-.+%m-m+##-*#--         fire pit              .....
    rubble  -+++#m-###---                           ....
      [D]     +.m--+m##m+-. . . .                ...           .-- . ..
                  .%+---         ......     ......            -+.+- ....
                   .- +.              .......               .+..+- . ++.
^                    -.               [G]                   .+#*%+##mm+ .
| N                                                        . +m-+mmm-m. .
                                                             -  -m-m -.
                                                             .  .. .m-.
|-10'-|                         -------------
                                 |  well   |
Wo: Wolf                     ----|  [E]    |----
Gr: Grendel                      |         |
                                 |         |
                                 |         |
                                 |         ..-+.-...-................
                                 |                    ...           ..
                                 |              [F].+-+....- /-o-\ ....
                                 |         .-.---. ..---..-.............
                                 |-------- | refuse pile - spider
                                 |  water  |
                                 |         |
                                 |         |
                                 |         |
                                 |         |
                                 |         |
                                 | scroll  |

A small band of Grendel have made a home out of some abandoned ruins
in a small, forested valley. Nothing is left of the original
structures but some piles of rubble and an old well. The Grendel don't
trust the well, having recently heard strange sounds coming from it,
so they covered it with sticks and weighed the sticks down with flat
rocks a few days ago. A giant wolf spider inhabits the well, in a
small burrowed tunnel about half way down its 50' depth.

Six Grendel live in the camp, four males and two females. They have
three wolves they have trained as guard animals. They will have one
Grendel and a wolf on watch at night, concealed in the woods just on
the edge of their camp (roll d8 for direction). During daylight hours
there is a 50% chance that 1-2 Grendel and one wolf may be out
foraging or scouting for victims.

They prefer to raid nearby farms for food or livestock (which they
kill and eat). When they conduct raids, all six will go, with one
Grendel and a wolf acting as an advance scout and then as a watch
while the raid is conducted.

Loranna the Runner, Warden for the area, has been watching nearby
farms in hopes of catching the Grendel in the act. After the last
raid, she came upon the farm a mere hour after the Grendel had left,
and was able to track them back to their camp. She is now looking for
assistance in clearing the camp.

                        Map Key


Grendel lean-tos - roll 1-8 twice for each lean-to searched:

1. Duff bedding
2. Wool blanket
3. Wooden cup and plate
4. Leather pouch with 2d6 gp
5. Leather cap
6. Short sword
7. Leather pouch with dried meat
8. 50' of rope

Southwestern Rubble pile [D]

Roll 1-12 five times, re-roll duplicates or choose:

1. Rusted dagger
2. Animal bones
3. Brass amulet on tarnished silver chain - Gunther's Amulet of
Knowing - allows bearer to read languages once per day as per the
4. 2d6 sp, 3d8 cp
5. Broken pottery
6. Curiously polished rocks
7. Gold ring [150 gp]
8. Small, bulging sack with rotted food
9. Water-stained parchment in leather tube, showing a partial map
10. Silver swizzle stick  [10 gp]
11. Silver comb [30 gp]
12. Snake - Poisonous Asp, [1/2HD, bite for no damage but save or die 
    in 1-4 turns]

The map can lead the party to a nearby ruin or dungeon.

[E] Well

A 50' deep stone well with about 20' of clear (still drinkable) water
in it. The side tunnel with the spider den is just a few inches above
the water line. At the bottom of the well, lying amongst the small
stones lining its bottom, is a white bone scroll tube sealed with wax
- a clerical scroll of 'hold person'. Anyone shining a light through
the water will see a reflective glint from the bone case. They may
also see the dark spider tunnel opening, if they illuminate the walls.

[F] Spider Den

- Broken but bejeweled silver holy symbol, still worth 300gp
- Rusted mace and chain armor
- 23sp, 130cp, 40gp
- Various animal and human bones, a human skull

[G] Covered Pit Traps

The Grendel have dug four covered pits of about five feet deep each
around their encampment. Anyone deliberately searching (during the day
or with a light source) will notice something not quite right with the
ground cover in a four-foot diameter circle. Any Man, Dwarf or Elf
stepping on one will fall into it, Halflings will only fall through
one-third of the time. No damage will be taken, but it will take a
full turn to climb out of a pit. The noise will alert any Grendel or
wolf in the camp.

[H] Northern Rubble Pile

One of the Grendel discovered a cache of gems in a recent raid, and
has secreted it in this pile, in a small sack. There are 12 gems worth
10-60gp each.

Giant Wolf Spider

AC     7
HD     2+2
ATK    Bite 1-6
SP     Poison bite - Save at +2 or die in 1-6 turns
MV     18
AL     Neutral


AC     7
HD     2+2
ATK    Bite 1-6
MV     18
AL     Neutral

Loranna the Runner
Level 3 female Warden

HD 4
HP 14
AC 7 (leather)
AL Lawful
Weapons: +1 lawful long sword, +2 versus humanoids [detect evil to 6"
3x/day], long bow (+1 to attack rolls)
Special: Healing poultice 2-7, tracking, surprise 1-3, detect 
         snares & pits


AC     6
HD     2+1
ATK    Bite 1-6 or weapon (see below)
SP     Surprise on 1-3
MV     12
AL     Chaotic

Grendel are fearsome, disfigured humanoids with large ears, mottled
skin, and sharp, extruding teeth. They are highly skilled at sword
fighting and typically attack with two blades, gaining +1 to-hit and
the better of two damage rolls if they do hit. They will also carry a
few throwing knives secreted about their person, which can be used as
missile weapons at medium range (within 30 feet) with +1 to attack
rolls. Grendel can bite if they are disarmed.

Thankfully, they disdain traveling in large groups, preferring smaller
groups of perhaps five to six with lone scouts sent ahead. Such scouts
are quite stealthy when encountered alone, surprising half of the
time.  They move quickly and prefer to travel lightly. Female Grendel
are just as fearsome as their male counterparts, and can be found in
equal numbers amongst patrols. They like to live in small communities
in shallow caves or outdoors in shelters of their own making. Such
encampments will be protected by various snares and traps around their

Grendel tend to be distrustful of even their own race, and will hide
treasure in secretive places. They like to train and use wolves as
guard animals.