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Robert Weber asked me on G+ if the Holmes character generator ran offllne. As a web-application no, but as a perl script, yes. I just uploaded it to gihub for those that are interested. It’s self-contained, the data is part of the script, so there is no database needed. It is only reliant on a standard Perl installation and the Tie::IxHash perl module, which can be installed easily if you use any of the Linux or *BSD distributions (the package names are libtie-ixhash-perl for Debian/Ubuntu, or perl-Tie-IxHash for Red Hat/Centos/Fedora).

If you download the zip archive from github, you can just run the program from a command shell with ‘perl random_holmes_char.pl’. Redirect the output to a file so you can edit and print it from your favorite text editor (e.g. ‘perl random_holmes_char.pl > char.txt’).