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Note: This post is old but still gets plenty of hits, so I’ll emphasize the link here to Charlie’s blog, which has all the info on purchasing or downloading the latest versions of White Box: FMAG.

Great news for White Box fans! Charlie Mason has been hard at work updating the Swords & Wizardry White Box rules. He already has a free PDF of the beta rewrite available at Lulu, and is working on a finalized version, to include new cover art and a POD release. You can see the discussion about it on the Swords & Wizardry forums and on G+, but the short version is that it builds on the 3rd print release of White Box, improving the layout, adding lots of new art, and the missing bits of the original releases that were needed to make it more complete and accessible. I’m particularly excited that he was able to use some of my essential adventuring rules, including a re-worked underworld wandering monster table, but it also includes an optional thief class, jousting rules, and new monsters. Head over to his blog for the details.

White Box Cover by Eric Lofgren

The proposed cover art is amazing, by Eric Lofgren (but it appears buyers of the POD will get a choice of cover art, to include a piece by Stefan Poag). He also has plans for a wilderness setting supplement. Hopefully the POD release will be available in the next week or two.

Update: The character sheet is reportedly being done by James West, you can see the style of his OSR-themed character sheets on his blog.

Another update: More cover art and the finalized character sheet.