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Real date: 12/16 & 12/17/17 In-game date: September 21st, EY632


Ambrose (Warrior – Fighter L2)
Asher (Footpad – Thief L2)
Imric (Veteran/Seer Fighter L1/MU L2)
Roger (Outlander – Warden L1)


Thom (torchbearer)

In our last session, the man-at-arms Sturdoon and the Barbarian Gruk were gravely wounded. They decided, upon returning to Frostmark, to retire from the adventuring life. Gruk headed north, back to his people and Sturdoon left town for the civilized lands to the east. The rest of the party spent a week recovering. Imric, of course, made a scroll of sleep, Ambrose relaxed with his wife, while Asher and Roger kept their ears open at the Empty Purse.

It wasn’t long before they heard rumors of an abandoned Hobbit village from a traveling pilgrim, who had come from beyond the ruined tower to the southwest. They purchased horses and a wagon and set out the next morning, to clear skies. Within a few hours the party approached the hill and ruined tower, beneath which had already been plundered by Asher and Ambrose. As they drew closer to the tower, in the distance, off to the north, Imric spotted a flying creature approaching. After a minute its form became clear – a red dragon [DM note: Wandering wilderness encounter]! The party dismounted and ran towards the tower ruins, making it down the stairs just in time to avoid the dragon’s fiery breath. Their horses and wagon, however, were not so lucky. As they peered out from below, they could see the dragon flying off, a horse in his claws. The remaining horses and wagon were still ablaze.

Considering themselves lucky, they emerged from the ruins and continued southwest, this time on foot. A few hours later they approached a series of small mounds in a vale, each overgrown but clearly at one time a Hobbit village, from the small, round windows and doors still visible. Most of the windows were blackened with dirt or soot, so they could not see through them. They approached the closest mound and Ambrose opened the lone door. What they saw appeared to have once been a stable, but they did not have time to investigate further as four stirges flew at them from within. Ambrose thrust his spear at one while the rest of the party fired arrows – a few lucky shots and the stirges were dead. The stable floor was mostly covered in quano, so the party moved on.

While walking past a tree in the center of the village, Roger noticed a wooden platform with trapdoor high in the branches. Climbing up and exploring it proved a mistake, as it was home to three fire beetles. Although they gave the party no real trouble, they also had no treasure to speak of. Asher did cut out and stash the beetles’ glowing glands, just in case they were needed.

Next the party turned its attention to one of the larger mounds. They entered an eastern hobbit-door, and saw what appeared to be a mostly empty living area, complete with a fireplace and a dead body on the floor. As they moved to inspect the body, Asher was surprised by a large, tentacled white worm that slithered in with surprising speed from the shadows to the west. The worm’s tentacles bit into Asher’s flesh, and he felt all sensation leaving his body as he fell over, paralyzed. Even as Ambrose and the others attacked the worm, another entered from the north! They had a tough battle on two fronts, but ultimately prevailed [DM note: Lots of lucky save vs. paralysis rolls]. With the worms dead, the party again turned its attention to the body, which appeared to be a long-dead adventurer. Among his belongings they recovered several vials of holy water and a potion of healing, which was put to good use immediately to heal poor Asher of his paralysis. Meanwhile, Roger decided to take a closer look at the fireplace and  discovered a hidden compartment in the hearth floor which contained a strongbox. Inside was a cache of gold and a large, blue gem.

Moving west, the party explored some bedrooms, one of which they were surprised to find contained an undead Hobbit. They made short work of the creature and moved on to the kitchen, spending some time fretting over a bit of harmless green slime oozing from one of the window frames. They exited after looping back to the living room, and headed to another mound off to the north.

This mound was smaller, but infested with Hobbit zombies – five in all. After defeating them, in one of the rooms they discovered a jeweled necklace, Asher pocketed this and having had enough of small zombies for the day, the party headed back to town.

DM notes: I pulled this little site-based adventure out of the Basic Fantasy module ‘The Chaotic Caves’. I modified it on-the-fly as needed.