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I’ll be running an open table Basic Fantasy game at the public library in Bromont, Quebec on Sunday, November 25th, from 10a-2p. If you live in the Eastern Townships this will be much closer for you than Montreal, which is the usual go-to area around here for gaming but is an hour or more away. Here is the address: 37 chemin de Gaspé, Bromont, Québec. If you’re in the area that day and up for a fun one-shot game, stop by. I’ll have pregens available.

Why BFRPG? For two reasons – one, it’s free in PDF and low-cost in print and two, a nearly exact French translation of the rules is available. That will be more accessible as a starting point for a newcomer whose first language is French, even if they are able to participate in an English-language game session. The only other clone or original game that meets these two criteria that I know of is OSRIC, and I wanted something a bit simpler (while excellent, the French translation of S&W White Box is more of an adaptation than a direct translation). So Basic Fantasy it is!