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Real date: 7/14/18 In-game date: October 31st, EY632


Ambrose (Hero – Fighter L4)
Zort (Vicar – Cleric L4)
Roger (Wanderer – Warden L3)
Imric (Warrior/Conjurer – Fighter L2/ MU L3)


Vol, Sundarr (porters)
Vog, Paratin, Murdir (meatshields)


Webris (Adept – Zort’s Cleric L2)

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Ambrose, Roger, Zort, Imric and Zort’s new retainer Webris set out on their horses to the Chaotic Caves after a welcome, week-long respite in Frostmark. They were hoping to have a more successful foray and redeem themselves, after the last disastrous exploration of an ancient crypt.

While on the road north they encountered a large group of Orcs they were able to defeat and in doing so, rescue a Dwarf Hero, Morgo Widebeard. Morgo was grateful and agreed to accompany the group to the caves.

Once at the caves, they approached the crypt they had explored before, finding their way blocked by the campsite of a Hill Giant, who was in the process of cooking his lunch. After a short discussion, the giant walked off into the hills, clearly wanting no part of whatever the party was here for (Ref’s note: A good reaction roll and some clever banter and I ruled the giant would walk off after finishing his lunch).

Once back inside the crypt, the party battled the remaining few ghouls and some giant rats who were feasting on corpses, as well as a shadow-creature who had been sealed in an ornate sarcophagus. This time they were much more successful – they walked out with a magical dagger, a pouch of mysterious purple powder, and a cache of gems and jewels. The trip back to Frostmark was uneventful.