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Well the summer is winding down and I was just reflecting on a few decent months of online gaming. My 5e game continues (mostly) weekly, as a player in ‘Ghosts of Saltmarsh’. It’s a fun, shared story of heroic PCs who like to kick ass, and quite different from the old-school experience. Our group started with face-to-face sessions, but moved to Roll20 this past March. Although I miss the real tabletop experience, I have to say that for a game like 5e with lots of rules, having access to the compendium data online is a great time saver (I find I use it mostly for spell lookup).

My old-school group also plays weekly, this summer my friend John ran quite a few games for our us. One is a Moldvay B/X (by way of OSE) game called ‘Below Nienne’, which is a ‘ruined city beneath the city’ sandbox. The other is a homebrew pulp game based on the tiny d6 mechanics and set in the 1930s. Both have been great fun, aided by the GM’s masterful ability to improvise (although I admit as a player it’s sometimes hard to tell what is improvised on the spot and what is planned).

For my part, I ran a few sessions of my OD&D campaign, Nolenor, and just this past week started a new campaign using the Labyrinth Lord Original Edition Characters (OEC) rules, set in the Known Lands (I’ll have more to say about that in some future posts, including some house rules and a new quickstart). I also did some work on my Ravendale setting.