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Date: 10/11/20


Omes (Half FM 1)
Dorful (Elf FM/MU 1/1)
Gato (Half FM 1)


Arvay (torch bearer)
Norm (meatshield)
Kroenen (meatshield)

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LL Notes:

In our last session, all the PCs were paralyzed by the Vile Worm and were taken to the creature’s lair underneath the giant oak. The players rolled up new PCs, intent on rescuing their previous characters from their predicament.

Session Notes:

A newly-formed party returned to the Eldritch Oak the next day with Arvay guiding them and two meatshields (Norm and Kroenen) brought along for some extra muscle. They made it back to the tree and down into the torture/jail room in short order, where they set about tying enough rope together to make it down into the well that the worm had dragged the helpless party down yesterday. Omes dropped a torch down the well, and it went out when it hit a rocky bottom, but at least gave them an estimate of how much rope they needed – about 100′.

Dorful climbed down first, then the others. They found themselves on a stone ledge. Across from them was another ledge, separated by a 15′ gap. Below that gap, they suspected, was the worm’s lair.

Dorful threw the diminutive Gato across to the other ledge while Gato held a rope (the re-purposed bell rope), and on the far side he discovered a magnificent treasure pile. But he was stuck for now as the others recovered his rope and lowered it into the worm’s lair 30′ below.

They were perhaps too noisy, because just then the worm emerged from its lair from below and attacked. This time they slew the worm, but at the cost of Norm’s life.

Confident they would not be disturbed again, They carefully lowered themselves into the lair and one at a time pulled Frakus, Laffson, Osan and the shepherd up to the ledge. Gato transferred the treasure over from the far ledge one sack at a time, then everyone climbed or was pulled up the well shaft.

It took a while, but eventually they had extracted everyone and everything from the well and made their way back to town. Among the gold and gems were several scrolls, including one clerical scroll of cure disease. Back in Larm, the party sought help at the temple, where they gifted the cleric scroll to the Priest in charge and also gave a suitable donation to cover the treatment of the four patients.