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Dates: 12/19/20, 12/20/20


  • Louis (FM 1)
  • Osan (Elf F/MU 1/1)
  • Dorful (Elf F/MU 1/1) – RIP sucked dry by a giant leech!
  • Omes (Half FM 1)
  • Habru (Cleric 1)


Habru’s war dog, named Dog


  • Arvay (torch bearer)
  • Thom (meatshield) – RIP run through by a Gnoll spear!
  • Boris (meatshield) – RIP killed by a Goblin sword!

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LL Notes:

This is the continuation and conclusion of the adventures in the Fortress of the Mountain King. The first three adventures were documented in my last post. In the end, these adventures proved to be both deadly and lucrative. The survivors gained enough XP to advance everyone but Louis to 2nd level. They also had 1,200gp each and a few decent magic items – the king’s bracers (AC 3) and girdle of Ogre strength, along with two magic throwing daggers.

Session notes:

Steering clear of the latrine, the party returned to the throne room and examined the throne itself, made of stone with the word "trèsor" written on the seat back. After thinking a bit, Osan moved the backwards accent over the "è" and a blue light shone down from the ceiling, illuminating the area behind the throne. Unsure of what it was, the party threw Bard’s body into the light. Bard disappeared, and they decided to investigate more later.

Meanwhile, a lone Goblin had appeared at the secret door to the east, and was taunting them. They knew of this secret door, and that it had a pit and a door beyond it, so they tried to hatch a plan to root out the Goblins. Oil was not an option, as all of it was in Bards’s backpack, wherever Bard was. In the end, they decided to launch assault through the door opposite the pit. In the room beyond were four Goblins, two Gnolls, and a Bugbear, all barricaded behind an overturned table. The king himself stood behind all of them.

A large melee ensued, during which Thom and Boris were killed by a Gnoll and Goblin, respectively. The party killed the Goblins, one Gnoll and the Bugbear, while the king and a Gnoll guard fled south.

Omes drank a potion of invisibility and pursued, finding the king and his guard in the king’s private quarters. He attacked the king, but now was no longer invisible, and the Gnoll was able to wound him. At this point the rest of the party came in and were able to kill the king and his guard. They stashed the king’s crown, his girdle and gauntlets, and ruby rings worn by the Gnolls, and continued exploring.

Next was a kitchen, with two Kobold cooks who were easily killed. In a drawer they found two throwing daggers, and a bound prisoner (Louis, a fighter and new PC for the player of Bard). They untied him and he was thankful enough to join the party.

Moving on, the party next discovered the living quarters for the king’s lieutenants. Here they found only a gold chain under a straw mattress, but nothing else.

Heading back to the throne room, the party decided to further investigate the throne and blue light area. Louis bravely stepped into it, and was teleported to a treasure room with no exits, but luckily the same blue glowing area. He saw Bard’s body there, as well as a large pile of treasure. He grabbed a large diamond that caught his eye and entered the blue light, teleporting back to the throne room.

One area remained to be explored – the room with sounds of dripping water. They headed south and entered it to find a damp cavern. To the west they could see a lake, bones visible in the shallows. To the south were a pile of dead bodies and some crates. A giant crab attacked the party while they were searching the crates, but they had no problem killing it. They found a pouch with 7O0gp in one of the crates.

Meanwhile, Dorful was intrigued by the lake, and removed his armor to swim among the bones. This proved to be a bad idea, as he was attacked and sucked dry by a giant leech. He was barely able to crawl back to shore before he died.

Done exploring the complex, the party returned to the treasure room, filled their sacks, and went back to Larm, flush with the spoils of their victory but also with quite a few dead companions.