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For this session I rolled up Graf the Veteran. He was light on starting gold, and so was outfitted with chain armor, a spear and a sling, with 12 torches, rations and a flask of oil in his backpack. He started with 3hp.

I’m building off of the same map I used in my prior solo OD&D session. Here is an annotated version so far:

OD&D Solo Map

Graf descended the entry staircase and lit a torch. He could see an open secret door to the east, and no other exits. The next three rooms were unoccupied, the last having no exits, so Graf backtracked and went north through a door he had ignored previously (ref note: a door on the north wall of the hobgoblin room from the first session).

Surprised Theurgist

Another empty room, but this one with a door on the east wall. Graf yanked the door open and saw a robed fellow hunched over a desk, scribbling something on a scroll by lamp light. The man looked up at Graf, a look of surprise on his face. Graf muttered an apology and shut the door. Again he backtracked, but this time he headed south.


Two more empty rooms, and Graf followed a long corridor south leading to a chamber (ref note: the area of the ill-fated wraith encounter from the last session). In the chamber he could see a leather sack against the south wall, and two other exits. He approached the sack, ignored his better judgment and picked it up from the floor. Inside he saw a jeweled necklace! He quickly pocketed the necklace and left the dungeon, returning to town.

Referee notes

The robed man was a Theurgist, or 4th-level Magic-User. Graf surprised him when he opened the door, and I ruled Graf would not want to tangle with him for no obvious gain, so he shut the door and the Theurgist did not pursue.

I rolled a few unoccupied rooms in this session, one of which had a spiked pit trap in it. However, Graf was saved by a lucky roll – in OD&D traps are sprung on a 1-2 in 6, and this one did not spring. So in Graf’s mind the room was empty and he moved on.

The last room Graf entered had just treasure in it, which, using the vol 3. treasure table for level one, turned out to be one jewel. The jewel value table from vol. 2 gave me a value of 6,000gp!

Now, such treasure is meant to be guarded by a trap or concealed by an illusion of some sort. I used the tables in the front of the Monster & Treasure Assortment for that, and came up with a sack guarded by a trap door. Would the trap door open when Graf approached? I ruled that maybe it would, and allowed two rolls (1-2 in 6 chance to spring as per dungeon traps) since Graf paused over the trap door to pick up and look in the sack. Again he got lucky and the trap did not spring!

Back in town, Graf would be able to apply 3,999 of the 6,000 XP from the jewel’s value in gold to put him at 2nd level (Warrior), one XP shy of 3rd level (Swordsman) – vol. 1 recommends that PCs should not advance more than one level per session.

Now loaded with gold, the Warrior Graf will upgrade his armor and equipment and hire a retainer or two. Will he survive to reach 3rd level?