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Oubliette was a zine edited and published by Peter Regan from 2010- 2012 (with a stray issue published in 2015). Nine issues were published in total, all available in print or PDF from DTRPG or the editor’s blog (as of this writing, a discounted PDF bundle of the first eight issues of Oubliette is available). Oubliette is dedicated to Labyrinth Lord, but of course will be useful to any B/X-type games. There were two compendiums published, each with four issues – my own hard copies are the compendiums.

Oubliette Magazine Compilations

It had a huge array of content, from adventures and new monsters to fiction and reviews. The art by The Marg is unique and has a great amateur feel. As a whole, it is wonderfully creative. Just skimming the issues will give the game master lots of ideas they can use in their games, for example the Newland campaign setting in issue 6, or the wandering monster tables in issues 6-8.


There are quite a few articles on house rules, including firearms, variations on the vampire, new classes and Magic-User familiar rules. At $2 a copy, you could do worse than to spend $18 on the lot of nine issues.

Oubliette Adventure

I’d say that time period from 2009 until about 2013 was the height of the OSR forum/blog and there were many ideas and homebrew projects being published and discussed. It’s not a stretch to say that Oubliette fed off of that creative energy of the time. In the editorial to issue #8, Regan says he has planned four more issues – I guess only one crystallized, but I’d love to see more. In that same editorial, he says:

Most importantly, I want to continue publishing a magazine that, when I pick it up and look at it in 20 years, gives me the same rush of nostalgia that I get now from my old gaming books and magazines from the 1980’s.

Maybe it’s only 10 years, but I’d say he succeeded.