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Dates: 1/24/21 and 1/31/21


  • Louis (FM 1)
  • Osan (Elf F/MU 2/1)
  • Omes (Half FM 2)
  • Arro (MU 1)
  • Habru (Cleric 2)


  • Habru’s war dog, named Dog
  • Horace – Habru’s retainer – Cleric 1


  • Arvay – wagon driver
  • Dramm – porter

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LL Notes:

The players continued their dungeon crawl started two sessions ago. This was a fun session with a lot of exploration and some combat. There wasn’t much monetary treasure, but Habru discovered a magical club and a clerical scroll (silence 15′ radius and find traps), while Arro snagged a magic-user scroll (knock and mirror image). Curiosities included a small Inn within the dungeon, and a skeleton generator.

Session notes:

The party continued exploring the northern section of the first level, finding a hidden armory, discovered by Osan when his Elvish senses alerted him to a secret door in passing. The weapons and armor within were in pristine condition, but rusted immediately after being removed from the armory itself. A bit of searching did turn up the only non-metal weapon, a club that Habru decided to wield, which he suspected was magical. Etched on it was the word “Brindle”.

Further to the north was a curious room with a glittering chandelier high overhead and three stuffed leather chairs. Attached to this sitting room was a room with a bathtub, and a table with two basins affixed to it. On a silver disk on the wall was written “Auberge du Donjon”. The silver disk, when pressed, opened a secret door that led to a bedroom, complete with a rug, a comfortable bed and a large painting of a Mage in a red hat on one of the walls. Some experimentation and searching revealed that placing coins in one of the bowls filled the bath with hot water, and a secret niche behind the painting concealed two Magic-User scrolls.

While exploring the rooms and resting for a while, Louis bolted the outer door from the inside. It wasn’t long before the party heard a loud banging on the door, and decided to open it. In rushed three berserkers, who could not be reasoned with and were killed after a short battle. Only Louis was wounded in the melee. They bolted the door again and decided to rest overnight in the “Dungeon Inn”.

The next morning, the party explored west and south, first coming to what they surmised was a bath room. The large bath was dry, constructed of small square tiles. Beneath one Omes discovered a jar of some sort of balm or ointment, which they kept to examine later.

Continuing south, the party ran into a group of six skeletons, which were promptly turned by Horace. They pursued the skeletons southward, surprised by the man controlling the skeletons – an evil priest. Omes, who was in the lead, fell victim to a hold person spell.

As the rest of the party approached behind Omes, the priest fled behind the cover of a darkness spell. Arro threw his staff of light into the magical darkness, dispelling it, and the party followed. A short distance ahead, they could see the priest, operating a lever against a solid black section of wall. As he did so, two more skeletons emerged from the wall. In the ensuing battle, Louis and Osan were wounded and the priest was killed. From his body they took an evil holy symbol – an eye within a triangle, within a circle, and two clerical scrolls.

After resting and healing, the party headed back north. They came across a room with a red floor, bisected by a gold-colored path. The floor glowed when Habru cast ‘find traps’, so they avoided the room, and decided it was time to head back to town.