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Just a quick update, and an apology for those of you who had a flurry of blog update notifications today – after wrestling with the self-hosted blog for a year or so, I’ve moved operations back to WordPress, primarily due to a bug in the static generator I was using that was causing me to spend way too much time editing posts. So I’ve copied my posts back here and setup the appropriate redirects. All should be transparent to the reader.

Also, a quick shout-out to the Old School RPG Planet, which is a great resource for following OSR blogs (including this one). I agree that we should encourage blogging again, and move away from the walled-garden approach of sites like Facebook or MeWe. Sites like those are not truly open in the sense that they don’t allow search engines to index their content (I talked a bit about this in an older post on G+ and web forums). The web was built on open standards, open access, personal sites and linking – we should keep those aspects of it alive.