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I saw a post to the Labyrinth Lord sub-reddit yesterday that Dan Proctor, the man behind Labyrinth Lord (LL) and Mutant Future (MF), announced that he was shutting down the Goblinoid Games website and social presences, with more information to come. The current website says just that.

Online sales are continuing, for now. I’m not sure if this is a re-branding, or he is in the process of selling the company, but in the notice he sure sounds like he is moving on. I think either would be good for LL and the other Goblinoid Games’ products, which have been in stasis for years. I have a soft-spot for LL in particular as it was one of the first games I GM’d for my gaming group, and since then I’ve played or GM’d LL Original Edition Characters, MF, and Cryptworld.

One special note – back in 2017 when Dan announced that the existing Goblinoid Games forums would be migrated to some new software and the play-by-post games removed, he encouraged users to make backups. I love forums and always lament their passing, so I took his advice literally and made a forum archive. I had forgotten about it until today, but I was able to recover it from a backup disk and move it online. You can see a 2017 read-only archive of the Goblinoid Games forums here. There was some forum activity after the migration, but it was never the same, so this archive is a great snapshot into a very active OSR community from 2010-2017.

Finally, with the Goblinoid website down the no-art and text edition downloads of Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future are also offline, but you can get them at my own forum.

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