I’m Doug, a guy who grew up gaming with the old classics – mainly Holmes Basic and AD&D 1e. The Old-School Renaissance got me back into gaming online and with my family over a decade ago; now I enjoy playing lots of old-school games – originals, clones and unique games alike. I’m Merias on a few internet forums. I hope you find some of the old-school gaming resources and ideas on the site useful!

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Need an easy-to-find link to the forums somewhere. :)

    • I do.. there is a link on the upper left of this blog, but it is small and I don’t think many people notice it. Need to make it more prominent somehow!

      • Could be me. I’m on my phone. I’ll double check on the computer. :)

        • Thanks for picking up on that – looks like on mobile the sidebar (and so the forum link) is way down the bottom of the page. Maybe a sticky post would be better? Will have to experiment.

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