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Real date: 9/3/17 In-game date: August 30, EY632


Ambrose (Veteran – Fighter L1)
Asher (Apprentice – Thief L1)
Ustos (Acolyte – Cleric L1)

NPCs: Gruk – (Barbarian – Fighter L1)


Thom (torchbearer)


After a two-day rest in Frostmark, the party returned to continue exploring the tower ruins. Ambrose was attended this time by two fighting-men, Sturdoon and Rolgrim, on lease from Ajax’s Mercenary Company.

They continued into an as-yet unexplored area of the dungeon, discovering a wide underground stream. Laying in it, face up, was a dead adventurer. His throat and legs had been gnawed on, and he was missing his left arm. Asher, thinking he may be close to finding his statuette, walked into the stream to investigate, but was attacked by three alligators who darted out from under the dark water. He leaped aside, to the opposite bank, but dropped his lantern in the process. As the party shouted and attacked the alligators by the light of Thom’s lone torch, Asher stood some distance away, in the dark. He heard shuffling noises from behind him and thought that the enemy he could see was the wiser course, so he ran back across the stream to join the fight.

Ustos and Ambrose were wounded in the fight with the alligators, but in the end the party was victorious. The shuffling sounds turned out to be four shambling zombies, who doggedly pursued the party back down a tunnel towards the entrance chamber. Ustos was not able to turn the creatures away, so the party retreated and fought from a distance with their bows, eventually killing all four.

They returned to the stream, where Asher searched the body of the adventurer and the others examined a small room from which the zombies had attacked. Asher found his statuette, and a potion bottle, while the party discovered a man-sized statue of a wizard holding a jeweled amulet.

The party returned to town, paying a tidy sum to learn the properties of the amulet, which was said to protect it’s wearer from enchanted creatures. Asher returned the statuette to Rake at the Empty Purse, and was provisionally welcomed into the Dark Brother’s Band, although no more information on that guild was forthcoming – he was told to wait for some contact.

DM notes: Bows in OD&D are quite deadly at short and medium range, with the +2 or +1 to attack rolls and two attacks per round for stationary archers (presumed since the missile weapon rates of fire come from Chainmail). The party used this fact to good effect by drawing the zombies down a narrow corridor that opened into a larger room, giving them space to launch missile attacks as the zombies moved into view. Note I don’t allow long-range shots underground with bows, only with crossbows.