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I’ve created a character generator for Labyrinth Lord (LL). I had created one for LL OEC some time ago, so this was overdue. I may work on some of the more complex games (as far as character options) next, perhaps LL AEC or S&W Core/Complete.

For this generator, there were a few assumptions I made, most due to the expanded weapon and armor tables in LL as compared to B/X.

  1. It is possible to generate a thief with studded leather armor. The rulebook says they are limited to leather armor, but does not say precisely which type.
  2. Halflings and Dwarves are not prohibited from using all two-handed weapons, just the larger ones like polearms, two-handed swords and long bows. This was always widely house-ruled in the LL community, since it prevented Dwarves from using a Battle Axe, for example.
  3. Magic-Users can use darts as a missile weapon. The rules just say they can use “small weapons such as a dagger”, so I added the dart to the mix in keeping with the AD&D weapons table that LL is based on. In practice the dart and dagger are pretty closely matched as missile weapons anyway.