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The Nolenor OD&D campaign has been on hold for a bit, and lately I’ve been running my group in my Ravendale setting, which is based on S&W White Box (although there is not much difference between that and OD&D, at least the way I run it with my house rules). It’s been a few years, the primary player in that campaign retired his PCs around 5th level, so we started fresh and have had a few sessions sandbox-style. In one the party recovered some herbal moss from a nearby swamp, smack in the middle of a goblin encampment. In the most recent they are investigating reports of mercenaries and one-eyed creatures extorting money and goods from the locals, whom they tracked back to a dungeon. I hope to have some session reports up soon.

In the meantime, here is a random island map for your vewing pleasure. I’m not sure how I will use this yet (but feel free to use it if you want).

Island Map