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I’ve written yet another character generator, this one for the 1977 Holmes Basic D&D. As with the other generators, it will create a random first-level character for you, complete with hit points, armor, equipment, armor class, XP and ability bonuses, saving throws and spells. Reload the page to get the class/race combination you want (right-click and save-as to save a text file of a given character). See the player & DM resources page for direct links to all of the generators.

I made one, non-standard addition, after seeing it on the 1st level pregen party sheet at Zenopus’ Holmes Ref – Halfing thieves. This is such a common fantasy trope, and is mentioned in the rules briefly, even if it is not officially presented.  As on the pregen sheet, I used the Halfling racial bonuses from the OD&D Greyhawk supplement for the Halfling’s thief skills.

Holmes Basic D&D Character

Again, suggestions welcome. Thanks to Untimately for the equipment lists and Zenopus Archives for the Holmesian random names.