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Dates: 2/7/21


  • Louis (FM 2)
  • Osan (Elf F/MU 2/1)
  • Omes (Half FM 2)
  • Arro (MU 1)
  • Habru (Cleric 2)


  • Habru’s war dog, named Dog
  • Horace – Habru’s retainer – Cleric 1
  • Bunco – Omes’ Knave


  • Arvay – wagon driver
  • Samtik – porter
  • Durdoon – meatshield

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Session notes:

The party continued to explore the northern reaches of the first level, finding an old tavern with no patrons, but a few bottles of liquor. Louis decided to have a drink from a bottle marked ‘XXX’, but became drunk from just one cautious sip. Arro grabbed the bottle and secured it in his pack, and the party moved on.

Heading east, the party came across four Orcs sitting against the wall of a corridor, eating tunnel prawn. The Orcs weren’t immediately hostile, perhaps due to the size of the group, and they told the party a tale of woe. Some stone-skinned humanoids had taken over the Orcs’ lair further east, so they had retreated here and have been trying to decide what to do. Horace was able to convince the Orcs the party was on their side for the moment, so the Orcs led them east, towards their lair. Soon they heard water rushing, and saw a bridge over an underground river ahead. As they moved onto the bridge, from the darkness at the other end came two grey-skinned humanoids wielding large hammers. Arro wasted no time casting a sleep spell, which caught the two charging humanoids, as well as the four Orcs. They killed the Orcs and carried along the two sleeping guards, who were heavier than their goblin-like stature made them appear.

The party continued east, soon encountering a cave with five of the stone-skinned creatures seated around a low fire. They could see a pile of dead orcs next to the fire. Arro started to parley with the creatures, letting them know about the four Orcs they had just killed, while waking the two guards, returning them unharmed. He also offered them some of the liquor, which they were happy to imbibe. The group of five creatures were soon drunk, and let the party go on their way.

LL Notes:

This was a short, but fun session. The “stone-skinned humanoids” mentioned above are Kamenni, from Wayne Rossi’s Dungeon Crawl zine, issue #1. The players were clever in not immediately attacking the Orcs or Kamenni they encountered, instead playing both sides of the conflict between the two groups.

The dungeon tavern with the enchanted liquor proved both funny (as it affected Louis, who had to play a drunk PC for most of the session) and useful in making the Kamenni who had tasted it less hostile. I ruled it gave anyone who drank it -2 on all attacks and saves, as well as a temporary -4 to DEX.