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Cave Rippers  are small, twisted humanoids with tough, leathery, pale grey skin. They have long arms and fingers tipped with razor-sharp claws.  5-10 [d6+4] of the creatures will travel in a pack and can be found roaming the underworld in search of weak prey to devour. Their favored means of attack is to swarm a target and repeatedly claw it until it is dead. Up to four of them can swarm a normal-sized human target, two for smaller races like Dwarves or Halflings. A successful roll to-hit against a target means they have latched on that round, doing no damage but gaining +2 to-hit and doing full claw damage in subsequent rounds.  PCs can remove up to two attached Cave Rippers per round, with a successful roll to-hit both creatures are flung away, but only one of them will take damage. Note that this applies even to fighters of 2nd-level or higher – a fighter’s multiple attacks per round apply only to non-attached Cave Rippers.

Cave Ripper*

AC          7 [12]
HD         1
ATK        1d6 claws
SP          Swarm attack
MV          18
HDE/XP 2/30
SAV        17
BHB       +1
AL          Chaotic

* Stat block above is for Swords & Wizardry Whitebox (or OD&D, Delving Deeper, etc.), where HD are d6-based. For other S&W editions, or for Labyrinth Lord, use 1d8 for both HD and claw damage.