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I mentioned looking for a new game to play in my last post, and ended up almost by accident playing Brave Halfling’s version of  X-plorers RPG. I wanted something rules-light, like S&W Whitebox, but in a different genre. As you can see from my last post, I looked at the Goblinoid Games’ collection of Pacesetter titles, in addition to their Starships & Spacemen. While they are all good, they were a bit too heavy for my relatively inexperienced family. Wx-plorers rpghile thinking of scifi I remembered reading about X-Plorers a while back and found the no-art version on RPGNow, along with the introductory adventure, Cleopatra Station, both for free. The game’s intro states it is meant to be a sci-fi re-imagining of the 1974 OD&D rules, I think the author managed this perfectly. Within an hour I had read the 38 pages of rules and had four pregens rolled up and ready for use – one from each of the four game classes – scientist, scout, soldier and technician. My wife and son took two PCs each, and we spent the next few hours going through the adventure, which was great fun. The game itself is based on S&W Whitebox, so the mechanics were familiar to all of us, but there are a few nice addons like a skills system, spaceship combat rules, and a critical hit table that gives PCs who reach zero HP a last chance at survival. There is also plenty of room to house-rule, just as in Whitebox. I liked it so much I felt compelled to write a review of X-Plorers on RPGNow.