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In a previous post, I gave a play report of our very first Mutant Future (MF) session. Since then we’ve had six others and finished up two story arcs I had shamelessly cribbed from Tim Snider’s One year in the Savage Afterworld (scenario 16, the Cult of the Red Band, aka Bowling Pigmen) and the convention module Gimme Shelter. When we last left off, the mutants Jax and Berrus had just made an agreement with their local arms dealer Zabd to raid a bomb shelter to the south, and had just headed out in a pickup truck. On the way they ran into a downed tree which was a Pigmen ambush, but with the clever use of their mutations and constable Nyseld’s help, they turned the tables and now had some new weapons in hand (two of the PIgmen had carbines). They continued south, following the crude map Zabd had provided them, eventually finding the path off-road to the east that led to the bomb shelter door.

The shelter door, set in the side of a low hill, wasn’t accessible directly without going through a large grove of corn stalks – ominously enshrouding a human skeleton and corpse of a dog. Jax set out to reconnoiter the area around the hill and after mere minutes ran back, being chased by three rot dogs. After the mutants dispensed with the dogs, Jax threw caution to the wind and decided to approach the shelter door, even though he had to walk through the corn stalks to do so. As Jax entered the grove, the kernel plants fired off barbed ears of corn – dozens of them, riddling him with wounds and rendering him unconscious and barely alive. Berrus ran in and dragged Jax to safety, out of range, taking some corn hits in the process himself.

Deadly Corn!

Wounded and humiliated by mere corn stalks, Berrus and Nyseld threw the near-dead Jax into the back of the pickup truck and decided to return to Blixter and rest before returning.

To be continued…