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I’m a bit behind in Mutant Future (MF) play reports, but here is another installment. I’ll have one more after this one as the mutants try to rid Blixter of the pigmen menace once and for all.

In  some previous posts, I gave play reports of our first few MF sessions. When we last left off, the mutants Jax and Berrus, along with the Town Constable Nyseld had killed the Queen Mant, found a box of Rad-Tabs, and had gone back to the small Hamlet of Blixter to rest.


They returned to the caves the next day, accompanied this time by Nyseld and a newcomer – Dan D’Lyon, a (what else?) mutant plant. This time the Mant cave appeared to have been deserted, at least by Mants. Venturing into the as yet unexplored southwest corner of the cave, the group came cross a mutant beaver chained to a cave wall, weak and begging to be freed. He introduced himself as Siqve, the original source of the Mant cave map. He had tried to get into the cave himself to loot the weapons cache, but had been captured by the Mants. In return for being freed, he promised to show the party where the weapons cache was. True to his word, once freed, he led the party a bit further into the south western end of the cave, where they stopped, confronted by a tunnel lined with vines. Every so often, blue electric arcs would be seen hopping from one side of the corridor to the other, from vine to vine. Indeed Berrus was zapped when he came too close, so the party decided to burn the vines and in short order continued on.

After some distance the tunnel turned and continued northeast, opening into a small cave where the party could see piles of unopened crates. Siqve told them this was the weapons cache, but cleverly stayed back as the party was surprised by seven stink beetles emerging from a nook in the cave wall. Berrus and Nyseld succumbed to toxic spray, incapacitated, while Jax and Dan D’Lyon were able to stomach the stench and kill the beetles. Siqve fled, rather than face the consequences of his failed plan to kill off the party. They decided to let Siqve go, and set into opening crates. The cache was smaller than anticipated, but still quite valuable:

  • 1 “trophy stand” w/ red button
  • 1 white spray cannister with red cross (medi-spray)
  • 1 box 20 shotgun slugs
  • 3 boxes 15 rds. .223 carbine
  • 2 boxes 20 rds. .38 pistol
  • 1 box 10 rds. .45 pistol
  • 1 mystery energy pistol with 3 power clips
  • 1 case (6 bottles) 100 ct. each salt pills
  • 2 stimshot-A
  • 8 green lightsticks
  • 2 carbines w/ shoulder strap
  • 2 .38 revolvers w/ belt holsters

[ML note: In this post-apocalyptic world, weapons are fairly common, but ammunition is in short supply, sold by the individual bullet. The boxes of ammo turned out to be the most valuable items in the cache].

The party returned to Blixter with the supplies loaded in the bed of the pickup truck. On the way back, a group of about ten Piranha Butterflies flew out of the treeline towards the truck. Dan quickly took care of the situation, flying up to draw away the butterflies to a safe distance, then killing them all in one go with a plant shriek.

When the party finally made it back to Blixter, they met with the weapons dealer Zabd and gave him the agreed upon first pick of the cache, then split the rest and headed over to the Growling Porcine for a celebratory drink. On their arrival, however, their good mood was squashed by news that Rotk the barkeep and his family had just been kidnapped by pigmen, taken north in a vehicle. Nyseld offered her three deputies, and a posse was quickly formed, heading north in the pickup truck along the dirt road taken by the pigmen.

To be continued…