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Session #17  “My Gods Man, Look at the Armor!” – 10/11/15

This was a short session, but fruitful for the Elf who needed magical armor or Elvish chain in order to cast spells while wearing said armor. I also introduced the party to the Grendel, tougher than normal humanoids who fight with two weapons.


Garros the Dwarf Fighter (Level 4)
M’Segobaor the Elf FM/MU (Level 4/1)
Marton the Fighter (Level 1)


Farfuleg the Bold (Level 3 Fighter)


Stavros – Survived!
Corsus – RIP – Killed by the skillful blades of a Grendel fighter
Tal – The porter – Survived!

Monsters vanquished:

6 Grendel


Elvish chain armor


After a several-day rest in town, the group headed to the caves on a grey, overcast, cold morning, joined by Marton the Fighter.  They approached the usual north entrance and from a distance, saw an odd sight – two man-sized creatures fighting with several smaller ones. The one-sided fight ended quickly, and as there was nowhere to hide, the group decided to try and draw the larger creatures to them. With that in mind, Marton ran parallel to the caves, indeed drawing one of the creatures out, but the other briefly disappeared, presumably to call for reinforcements. This was confirmed when even as Marton engaged the one creature, four others appeared in the cave mouth. They were humanoid, with pointed ears and protruding, sharp teeth. Each wielded two swords.  The rest of the group rushed the cave entrance, meeting the five creatures halfway. The battle was on. The creatures were quite adept at two-weapon fighting, and were able to wound both Farfuleg and M, and slay Corsus before they were killed. Luckily, Marton made short work of his opponent, and after scrounging a dozen gold coins from the bodies, the group secured Corsus’ body in the wagon and approached the north entrance again.

Having cleared most of the first level at this point, the party was on the hunt for any treasure they may have left behind in their wanderings. First up was the locked door in the Kobold lair, also the site of the recent troll encounter. The party made their way back to the door, set atop a narrow staircase on the east end of that room. Marton and Garros set about breaking the door down, as it was still locked. When done, they looked into a small (10’x10′) room, empty save for a large, brass chest in the middle of the floor. Marton cautiously threw a rope lasso around the chest and pulled – he did not move the chest but an inch before the floor around it melted away before their eyes, being replaced by wall-to-wall water, save for the small island upon which the chest rested. The party devised a plan to get the chest by laying wood from the broken door across the water, this done Marton retrieved the chest. He popped the silver hasp with a dagger, avoiding a needle set in the lock, and opened the chest. Inside was a finely crafted suit of chain armor. As soon as M saw it, his eyes lit up. It was of Elvish make! Negotiations ensued, with the end result being that Marton had a new sword (M’s magical sword) and M had the suit of Elvish chain. Content with their take for now, the party decided to head back to town.