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I’ve created a version of my player quickstart just for Moldvay Basic D&D. I haven’t injected any house rules into this version, apart from the equipment packs, everything is completely rules-as-written. Click on the image or links below for the PDF and LibreOffice versions.

Moldvay Basic D&D Player Quickstart - PDF

You’ll note there is some vague wording around the racial abilities like the Halfling’s ability to hide or the Elvish secret door detection – that is because if you’re a player, you don’t need to know the specific mechanics of those abilities. The DM will roll secretly for their success or failure, and I thought it was clearer just to state the ability rather than the underlying mechanic (it also saves a line or two of space, keeping the quickstart to one page). As a new player, if you really want to know, you can always look in the rulebook, but it won’t change the way the game is played.

Moldvay Basic D&D Player Quickstart (LibreOffice)
Moldvay Basic D&D Player Quickstart (PDF)