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Real dates: 11/10/19 In-game dates: November 23rd, EY632


Ambrose (Swashbuckler – Fighter L5)

Roger (Woodsman – Warden L4)



Figgish (Thief L1 – Squire to Ambrose)

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Ambrose and Roger stayed in town for a few days after they returned from their wilderness trek, and heard some troubling rumors. First, they heard that Addrazias the wizard had disappeared. His tower was dark and he had not been seen in a week. No one knew where he had gone. Second, Ayla – who is the Warden for the Greendale region – visited town and warned Sir Wil of increased Giant and Bugbear activity south and east of town.

Ambrose unloaded himself of some of his coin, first by donating to the local orphanage, under construction since the Balrog incident, then by hiring and equipping a squire named Figgish, a former-but-now-hopefully-reformed thief.

Meanwhile Roger saw a posting for the annual Harvest Fair tournament, and decided to compete. Ambrose joined him, competing in the jousting tournament, while Roger chose archery.

Roger handily won the archery tournament, however Ambrose ended up in fourth place, having been beat by Sir Griffon, a knight in the Earl’s employ, Sir Boris, visiting from the city-state of Bryn, and Sir Hasturt, a traveling knight.

A bit of drama ensued after the tournament, when it was discovered that Sir Hastur did not cap his lance (one knight was wounded as a result), and tried to flee the town on his horse. Ambrose chased him down on his own horse, and was able to subdue and capture Sir Hastur, presenting him to Sir Wil for whatever justice the Earl deemed appropriate. In the end, although Ambrose did not win the tournament, he distinguished himself by capturing and bringing to justice the cheating knight.

Referee notes:

The tournament was a fun change from the usual adventures. For the archery I simply had Roger making attack rolls against a target at medium range, with points accrued for rolling closer to 20 (20 being a bullseye). He had to beat out several other competitors and did so.

For the jousting, we used the WB FMAG jousting rules which worked well, in a basic elimination-style ladder. I added the wrinkle in about the knight who cheated by uncapping his lance, which resulted in some excitement with the chase on horseback and the man-to-man combat.