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While lamenting the changes he saw DMs trying to make to D&D, Gary Gygax alFrom the Sorcerers Scrollso gave some examples of what he thought were balanced changes that worked within the D&D system. In the article Humans and Hybrids, Dragon #29, September 1979, he gives an example of a racial hybrid for use in AD&D, the Half-Ogre (note I removed or re-worded some of the footnotes on ability scores, but this gives you an idea):

Character Classes Possible: Cleric or fighter
Class Level Limits: Cleric 4th; fighter unlimited
Ability Adjustments:

  • STRENGTH: 14 – 18/00 – Use d6 and 5 or 6 equals 18, with a percentile bonus of 25% to the roll if a 6, but 18/00 maximum.
  • INTELLIGENCE: 3 – 12
  • WISDOM: 2 – 12
  • DEXTERITY: 3 – 12
  • CONSTITUTION: 14 – 18 – Use d6 and 6 equals 18
  • CHARISMA: 2 – 8 – Charisma score would not apply to ogres and half-ogres; double the result for the charismatic effect on such creatures.

Racial Preferences:
Half-orcs would rate a T, humans an N, and half-ogres a P. All others would be H both ways.

Special Characteristics:
Infravision to 60’.
Speak ogre, orc and troll only if raised with ogre parent.
Complexion will be swarthy and dull, hair lank and dark.
Average height will be 7-1⁄2’.
Two hit dice at 1st level, then regular progression as usual.


Gary notes that this would probably be a rather boring class for a PC to play, but would make a good NPC as a guard or mercenary troop. I’m not sure I agree, I think it would be fun to have such a brute as a PC (and I notice 3.5e and Pathfinder have a Half-Ogre race similar to this one). In any case, it is generic enough to be used in with any  d20 old-school fantasy game, percentile strength is probably the only AD&D-ism.